Bocas del Toro


March/April 2018

Itinerary: Choose your days! 4 to 7 days, anytime you want! But book early! Surfers, sailors, backpackers and cruisers delight in this unknown and rarely visited playground.

Located on the Caribbean coast of Panama near the Costa Rican border, this is an unspoiled archipelago of nine big islands, 50 cays and some 200 tiny islets. In this precious pocket of the sea, there are over 50 anchorages here and most are completely empty. Imagine yourself floating on the bow of the boat, gazing into the hazy layers of breathtaking hills, dissolving into the mountains and volcanoes. Dive into gin clear waters. On land, exotic toucans, sloths and parrots live amidst the bananas, cacao and bamboo. And voila, you are living in a post card.

The locals are a friendly mix of Latin, Indio and Caribbean that blend seamlessly with visiting sailors, backpackers and surfers.

Cruising the islands offers a cornucopia of delights. Take a trip to Starfish Beach where the shallows are teeming with…you guessed it. Or enjoy a broad reach down to the Blue Frog Restaurant where you can savor pizza in the jungle. Over at Red Frog Beach you can enjoy some superb body-surfing and then snack on fish tacos at the beach restaurant; in Dolphin Bay you might encounter a mother dolphin with her youngster; and at the Crawl Cay and Zapatillos Cays, you can dive amid healthy vibrant coral.

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Starfish Beach2

Paradise found.

Fancy some yoga on the yacht? April 9-13, 2018. Join us for Go with the Flow Yoga on the Yacht!

Our starting point is Red Frog Beach Marina

Isla Bastimentos, Bocas del Toro , Panama.

This IGY marina is part of the Red Frog Beach Rainforest Resort. Protected harbour, full facility marina with plans to expand to accommodate vessels more than 250ft. Free ferry to Bocas town and WiFi. Resort amenities and beaches. Fuel dock, shower and laundry facilities.

How to get here?

Fly into Panama City international airport. We recommend staying the night, seeing some sights and then taking 50min hopper flight from Panama City Regional Airport to the island of Bocas. If you want to do your flights all in one day, please consider that the international airport is on the opposite side of the city to the regional. This is not a big deal, but you need to consider if you are transferring during rush hour.

To streamline all your plans and make your trip the best ever we recommend:

For travel arrangements, we have selected Meridian International Travel to assist you. Please contact Marci Cantrell at and reference the itinerary you have chosen.

For local activities in Panama, connect with our land based partners at Go Across Travel who will arrange ground travel, tours and airport greeting and secure transportation with a private guide/translator from. Contact Tom Larroquette at for optional excursions in and around Panama City.