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Go with the Flow: Yacht n Yoga in Bocas del Toro, Panama

Go with the flow while sailing the Bocas del Toro Archipelago of Panama on a 47’ catamaran.

Good morning, you have just woken up on a luxurious catamaran anchored in a secluded bay. It is sunrise in Bocas Del Toro Archipelago and you are floating on crystal clear Caribbean waters as you drift into your morning meditation. Stretching and bending to the warming sun and open your eyes to a nutritious breakfast. Slip into the sea for your first swim of the day before we sail away into the next paradise destination. Cruising along, enjoying the salty spray and sunshine, dolphins may join you leaping at the bow before we nestle into the lagoon for your sunset practice.

Date: April 8 – 13, 2018

Price: $1950 pp based on double occupancy

Deposit: $500 non refundable

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Daily yoga practice for all levels
Daily pranayama and meditation
Practicing the 8 limbs disciplines
Sail, swim and connect to the ocean
Learn how to contribute to a healthier ocean and healthier you
Sailing and living on a 47’ catamaran yacht
3 nutritious meals per day, locally and sustainably source
Transport from Bocas Island to Frog Island Resort and Marina
Tour of the Organic Chocolate Plantation

Also Available:

Nature jungle walks
Surf lessons
Scuba dive and snorkel
Pricing based on double occupancy, shared cabin. If you wish to have a cabin to yourself, please contact us.

Not included: flight, alcohol, extra activities, and excursions.

Monique bio

Monique Mills:

RYA Captain, Ocean Citizen and Founder of Making Waves Sailing. “My goal is to inspire a deeper appreciation of our water world to create heightened awareness by connecting people to the ocean. It’s my hope that by offering others an opportunity to further explore our oceans, they will join me in my quest to both learn about and safeguard them.”

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Jeanne Cummings:

Certified Pilates Instructor, a mindful Vinyasa Yoga teacher, an accomplished student of Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda Studies in India, and licensed aircraft pilot. “I am grateful for the journey of discovery that lead me to a deeper connection of self. As a coach and instructor, I feel the purpose of my knowledge is to help others navigate a path to wellness using the 8 limbs of yoga as a guide.”

Michelle bio

Michele Franceschini:

Captain Michele’s passion for sailing began more than 40 years, as a child. Last year alone in 2016, he sailed over 8000 nautical miles. Michele’s attention to detail and experience make him a sailing guru. He is truly at one with the ocean, both sailing on the water and under the water.


Further details:

The itinerary and sailing schedule is determined by comfort and safety. The Captain makes the final decision. Please note that we are always in a cozy anchorage with plenty of time to swim, snorkel, hit the beach and enjoy the sunset. At this time of the year we expect calm seas and sunny weather most of the day with occasional, brief showers typical of this tropical region.

For travel arrangements, we have selected Meridian International Travel to assist you. Please contact Marci Cantrell at and reference the itinerary you have chosen.

For local activities in and around Panama City, connect with our land based partners at Go Across Travel who will arrange ground travel, tours and airport greeting and secure transportation with a private guide/translator from. Contact Tom Larroquette at for optional excursions in and around Panama City.

Do NOT bring chemical sunscreens. Oxybenzone and avobenzone damage the reef ecology and you. Approved sunscreen ingredients: Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide. DO NOT buy the suncreens that say “reef-safe” often they are not. Please read the ingredients.

The yacht is a 47’ Catana Catamaran called iCan. She has 4 double cabins and a bunk. One of the cabins is reserved for Captain and crew. There are three spacious double cabins. There will be maximum 6 guests, Captain, 1st Mate, who is also a certified Captain, and highly qualified Yoga/Pilates Instructor.

More information about the Yacht "iCan"


ICan sunset

You will be responsible for all onshore expenses included meals. We are happy to take you to shore and bring you back.

We reserve the right to charge a fee up to $1000USD if the boat has been excessively soiled or misuse of the head (aka: toilet).

Drugs will not be tolerated. Marijuana is NOT legal. Any possession, use, or suspicion of drug use will result in immediate expulsion from the boat at the closest port. No excuses, no exceptions, no refund.

We ALWAYS advise travel AND medical insurance.

Maximum participants: 6

Safety Equipment

On-board equipment, safety and technical equipment comply with the ISAF Offshore Special Regulations, an essential condition required for our participation in the ARC, the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers. The survey took place last November by an independent inspector. In addition to the usual navigational aids, and on-board security features, we have: electronic instruments with navigation data, electronic mapping screens for navigation aid, radar, handheld and fixed VHF radio station, satellite phone, EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicator Radio Beacon) and an AIS (Automatic Identification System). Furthermore, a life raft for 12 people, life buoys as well as life jackets for all people aboard and flares for oceanic navigation. The inventory is long, if interested please ask for a detailed list.

I look forward to welcoming you aboard!


Monique Mills
Founder, Captain and Ocean Citizen
Making Waves Sailing