Eco-Expeditions and Educational Excursions


Join us and become an Ocean Citizen

  • Citizen Science Project for The 5 Gyres Institute.
  • Sail with a Scientist.
  • Collection, Protection: Become an Ocean Citizen by participating in basic observations and experiments to contribute information to science programs.
  • Lionfish harvest and BBQ: Lionfish are an invasive species that are harming the indigenous ecosystem. They are also extremely tasty. Grenada and the Windward Islands have a spearfishing ban with the exception of lionfish. We will be spearfishing the lion fish, safely cleaning them for a beach BBQ.
  • Reef monitoring and beach cleanups.

Field Study Program for Gap Year and Young Adults

Meaningful learning happens when we engage ourselves in an environment whether that be the ocean, the community or the confines of the boat where we face the challenge of managing limited resources.

In this field based learning environment your experiences are your education. This program will not have formal, classroom lectures but rather you are asked to challenge yourself to learn as you participate in various studies, activities and discussions with your peers, scientists and mentors.

You will see that there are complex and systemic issues facing our community, locally and globally.

Concept and Learning Goals

  • Resource Management and Sustainable Development
  • Pollution: Controlling Problems and Capturing Solutions
  • Engagement: Community, Country and Corporate

Itinerary and Curriculum TBA

Duration 20 days

This program is currently under development and we hope to be launching soon.