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Responsible & Sustainable

Our Story

Making Waves Sailing. We are all about Making Waves! Our fleet of yachts literally makes waves as we explore the Caribbean Sea, and if we are lucky, dolphins come to play at the bow! We make waves in your life by inviting you to explore and learn new things.  We love to inspire others to play, think and act in unison with the world we all share. We also sail and live by our values, minimizing the impact we have on the environment we love. We strive to protect the places where we play – that’s why we give special attention to science-based conservation. When we are not delighting our guests, we participate in gathering data for scientists to advance knowledge and participate in conservation activities in the Windward Islands. Proud to be an Ambassador to The 5 Gyres Institution.

We want to make waves in your world and around the world!

The Experience

Making Waves Sailing is a project of passion. We specialize in giving our guests a fun, safe, adventurous way to explore sailing and our ocean. We strive to protect the places we play by participating in local and global conservation activities – things like beach clean-ups, reef monitoring, and by working in cooperation with community organizations and partnering with scientists and institutions. We are committed to providing responsible sustainable voyages.

We are a crew of ocean loving sailors and we would like you to join us! Let us inspire you for a day, for a week or longer!

Message from the Founder

My motto in life is Dream the Impossible dream and then Live It!

The ocean and its creatures have always inspired me, so after completing a successful international corporate career, I decided to follow my passion and pursue another big dream.

The Making Waves Sailing project is about realizing my dreams of adventure, exploration and involvement in science-based ocean conservation. To that end, I created a spectacular Caribbean adventure whereby anyone can become an explorer and ocean citizen – dive in, meet our fishy friends, try pulling some ropes (lines) and maybe take a turn at the helm! My goal is to inspire in others a deeper appreciation of our water world and to create heightened awareness of this incredible environment by connecting people directly with the ocean. People protect what they love, and it’s my hope that by offering others an opportunity to fall in love with our oceans, they will join me in my quest to both learn about and safeguard them. I want to make waves – in the ocean, in the world, and in others’ lives.

Wishing you warm winds and wild blessings,


PS: Making Waves Sailing is expanding our fleet around the world!  Check back often to see the next wonderful Captain who has joined the crew – somewhere – could be anywhere –  on our blue planet!

PS: Contact to inquire about a speaking engagement.