San Blas Islands

San Blas Islands 2

Itinerary 4:

Open Sea Passage: Cartagena, Colombia to San Blas Islands, Panama

10 days – 200 Nm


Arrival in Cartagena International Airport

We will spend one day in Cartagena, enjoying the thrills of life there, with his Latin atmosphere and other dozen of things you can do there. Who doesn’t want to see this jewel of Spanish Colonial and Baroque architecture and seasonal playground of the world’s wealthy?

After suitable provisioning in Cartagena, and clearing customs, we will make for Panama. The passage is relatively trouble less, even if Caribbean Sea represent often a demanding to sail, and we will drift our fishing gear to catch our fresh meal! Wind is supposed to be trading, consequently the comfort and speed will be presumably adequate. The season is quite rainy, there will be the possibility of bumping into heavy rainy squalls, but fresh water is often welcome.

The San Blas Islands offer an exceptional cruising ground worthy of further exploration for its uniqueness and beauty. There are more than 365 islands and cays, of which only 49 are inhabited. They lie off the north coast of the Isthmus of Panama, east of the Panama Canal. It is part of the Comarca (district) Guna Yala along the Caribbean coast of Panama is home to the Kuna Indians. San Blas and its surrounding area is a pristine haven. Notable locations in the Archipelago are the main capital El Porvenir, the densely crowded island village of Carti Sugtupu, and the two keyes, Cayos Limones, and Cayos Holandeses, both renowned for their clear waters and abundance of sea life.

We will reach the capital of San Blas Island, a little village called El Porvenir. After clearing customs there, and after provisioning, we will immediately schedule our itinerary through the islands, which require short passages to access. Upon arrival, deep into nature’s cove, enjoy snorkeling and swimming in bathwater warm sea and walk along silky white beaches where the leaning palms will provide welcome shade. The Kuna will provide you fresh fruits or handcrafted gifts, but otherwise they will just let you be. It is, genuinely, a little piece of paradise.

Departure from local airport of Porvenir, with a domestic flight to International Airport of Panama.

Once we arrive in the San Blas region – we are staying for a couple months. Here we can book several voyages during the months of December and January. This spectacular region is home to the Kuna Indians who proudly maintain autonomy of the islands, living as they have since time immemorial.

Departure from local airport of El Porvenir, with a domestic flight to International Airport of Panama.

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Itinerary 5:

SAN BLAS Islands of Panama and the Guna Yala People

A transfer between the Panama City airport to Porvenir to the meeting point can be arranged with us.

There are two ways to reach El Porvenir to meet with the yacht. Fly or 4x4

Fly: Land in Panama City and then take a regional flight to El Porvenir.

4x4: You take a 4x4 jeep from Panama city to the port of Carti (2.5 hours) for $60pp roundtrip. You pay a fee of $22 per person to enter the indigenous reserve of Guna Yala, and you then take a water taxi from the port to the island where the boat will be anchored (30 mins) for $40pp roundtrip.

Otherwise you can come on your own at the meeting point in San Blas.

Depending on your cruise time, we will schedule a sailing itinerary among hundreds of islands. Every day a thrilling sailing experience, top snorkeling, and the best sunsets you’ll never imagine. It is, genuinely, a little piece of paradise.

Day 1

We will pick you up at the meeting place and depart immediately for our first destination, Cayo Lemon, one of the many exquisite location around the archipelago.

Day 2

Experience the freedom and relax that a sailing boat can offer: morning swims in crystal clear waters, exploring the shore with the dingy, witness the rare beauty of the marine and land wildlife and more. A short and enjoyable sail will bring us to the next destination, Chichime, where we will anchor in the sheltered lagoon and start the whole dream-holiday all over again, with plenty of mesmerising stretches of sand above and under water. Our chef will prepare dinner on board or lobsters await on the shore...

Day 3

The Kuna people are those that have traditionally always inhabited these islands. The pristine conditions of the San Blas islands give us the chance to be among the few tourists around thus come in contact with these people. In Cayo Holandes, destination of our third day of sailing, will will have the chance to buy local products as well as fresh fruits and vegetables from them.

Day 4

Coco Bandero awaits with golden sand, crystal water and emerald palms. The intensity of the colours we will be surrounded by resembles those of precious stones. Then you will dive underwater, where the real treasure is found: parrot fishes, angel fishes, clownfishes and turtles all around you. When and if you will ever feel overwhelmed by such beauty, the boat will comfortably give you rest, maybe while reading your favourite book...

More information about the Yacht "iCan"

For travel arrangements, we have selected Meridian International Travel to assist you. Please contact Marci Cantrell at and reference the itinerary you have chosen.

For local activities, connect with our land based partners at Go Across Travel who will arrange ground travel, tours and airport greeting and secure transportation with a private guide/translator from. Contact Tom Larroquette at for optional excursions in and around Panama City.


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