"I was fortunate enough to spend 5 days aboard My Mistress as a guest. This was my first experience at sea and I felt safe and confident at all times with Monique at the helm. I learned about sailing, food prep at sea, and the respect that is commanded by the wind and ocean. It was a relaxing adventure I hope to be lucky enough to repeat, while visiting new destinations. I have no reservations in recommending your next exploration be with the crew aboard My Mistress for an exciting journey you’ll treasure for a lifetime."   Danielle


"We spent one of the best sailing days of our lives with Monique and Selwyn on "My Mistress". We were collectively energized by the day, the wind, the water and the company. We were fortunate to be accompanied by dolphins us that afternoon which, of course, a good luck sign. Monique is a passionate advocate for the beauty, the wonder and most importantly, the "health" of our oceans. She is committed to providing opportunities for others to experience the ocean, to appreciate its value and power on our planet and to learn with the future in mind. Monique invites people to come and sail, celebrate and share the commitment. We would jump at a chance to go with her again. You would too!

PS Best ceviche I have ever tasted!"   John and Andrea


"Monique is the perfect host for this unique and magical experience. She ensured we got to see, hear, do and learn new things from rare and beautiful vantage points. We have a new appreciation for the ocean and all that live in, on and around it. Thanks again for our once in a lifetime adventure."

Stacey and Brian

Testimonial Patty Piironen

Our group did a 10 day sailing trip with Monique.  We can wholeheartedly recommend “Making Waves” to both experienced and newbie sailors who are looking for a fun-filled time in the Caribbean. She planned a flexible itinerary that allowed us to stop when we wanted to, stay longer if we so desired to do so but in all, we saw so many beautiful spots. Our group enjoyed super sailing, excellent snorkeling and swimming, delicious meals, tasty margaritas, breath-taking sunsets, and friendly harbours.  Always felt safe and well-looked after. A true holiday! It was a beautiful trip with many fond memories. THANK YOU, MONIQUE!

When can we go again?

Patty Piironen

In March, 2017 myself and good buddy, George set out on an adventure that neither of us have experienced in our lives before. We were invited by Monique Mills, the Skipper of the My Mistress sailing yacht, and Owner of Making Waves Sailing, to charter her yacht services on a sailing trip throughout the amazing islands of the Grenadines in the south Caribbean. This turned out to be truly a trip to remember – a completely full bucket list trip.

George and I were greeted at the airport by Monique and escorted to Secret Harbour and the “My Mistress”, a 46 foot Bavarian sailing yacht, a classic beauty. After a relaxing day we set sail north of St. George’s (capital of Grenada) for a 9 day long sailing venture that would take us to such spectacular exotic islands of Carriacou, Union Island, Mayreau, Tobago Cays, Petite St. Vincent, Petite St. Martinique and Sandy Island, where we would either anchor or moor for an amazing afternoon/evening of adventure of snorkeling or enjoying the local flavors and fare of the islands and incredibly friendly people. My memories of swimming alongside Green Turtles in the turtle sanctuary of Tobago Cays, amazing lobster dinners by Romeo and his crew on the island beach front and especially petting an octopus being held by Monique are experiences I will never forget.

Prior to the trip, Monique ensured that all of George and my every wish were met with meticulous planning on her part. Her very thorough pre-trip planning guide ensured we brought everything and only the right things to ensure we maximized the experience of our trip. Additionally, Monique’s access to select, specialized yacht provisioning services enabled us to order such things as fine wines and specific foods to accommodate our culinary requests – a fine touch indeed. Monique gave George and I a choice of either a challenging 9 day sailing trip where we would extend as far north as Martinique and St. Lucia or easier sailing days focused on the islands north of Grenada. We chose the latter as we wanted to experience the island culture and do lots of snorkeling.

Monique is a self-professed perfectionist and it is clearly demonstrated in everything she does. Complete client satisfaction is without a doubt her highest priority. Her experienced sailing and navigation skills are superb and her knowledge of the many outstanding sites to visit is exceptional.   Additionally, Monique’s unwavering passion for the seas and oceans and all the creatures that inhabit it shine through in her position as an Ambassador for 5 Gyres Institute, an ecological foundation established to ensure the education and minimization of the destruction of our oceans through the prevention of plastics pollution.

Clearly you can’t undertake a 9 day journey like this and not plan for dining and food. Another area that Monique excels in (recall perfectionist). We thoroughly enjoyed many evenings dining aboard on hand rolled sushi, poke, bbq’d fresh tuna (from local markets), fresh caught lobster along with a great selection of wines and local beers and rums. We also dined on land several times by dingy onto the local beaches to sample the fabulous Caribbean fare in their cool outdoor restaurants. Monique has excellent relationships with many of the locals and is clearly a well respected skipper.

I asked Monique to teach me how to sail, to allow me to participate and contribute to the trip. She acknowledged my enthusiasm and then some. After 9 fabulous days under sail, I am truly hooked on the art and science of sailing open water. The My Mistress yacht is incredibly responsive in the winds and a joy to sail. I see why sailors are completely passionate about their sport.

I will not hesitate to recommend to anyone, whether beginners like George and me, or experienced yachtsmen, to join Monique and the My Mistress, for an amazing sailing adventure throughout the wonderful islands of the South Caribbean. Truly a bucket list experience. Every day and every evening are like living in a real life postcard.

Barry Olson

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