What to expect for dining

Dining Onboard

We love the fresh, local food. We will be doing most of our provisioning from local farmers and markets. Our philosophy of cooking is ‘close to the ground’, using as little processed food as possible. If you have special dining requirements, please let us know. It may be difficult to cater to some diet restrictions. For gourmet indulgences, it is possible to hire a chef for an additional $150USD per day. We provide breakfast and lunch every day and three dinners per seven days. Sampling the local cuisine, whether it's beach BBQs or five star dining at the resorts, is part of an incredible experience not to be missed.

Mmmmm It’s Gourmet! Meals: The groceries will be purchased and stocked on the boat in advance. We try to buy local and sustainably sourced food items. Alcohol and preferred or specialty food items will be purchased by each person. We supply fresh cookies from the bakery but do not supply snacks like potato chips and pop. You may wish to stock your own stash of snacks. We will be eating out for 3 dinners. Two of these dinners are on remote tiny islands, beach BBQs 60-100USD. Budget 100USD + if you plan for lobster and wine. One of the dinners will be less than $40 if you are budget conscious. Check out our grocery list and suggested menu below.

Extra fees: Guests split the cost of mooring, immigration charges and park fees. Sometimes we anchor without charge.

Not Included: flights, taxi, onshore excursions, on shore meals and additional preferred snacks and groceries.


Tea – coffee – juices
Granola – yogurt – milk – eggs any style – cereal – fruits – Grenada honey
Banana Pancakes with Grenada Nutmeg Syrup


Sandwiches – Wraps – Soup - Salad – fruit

sushi night


Locals Only Grenada Calaloo Soup
Roll your own Sushi and Sashimi Party
Caught it Myself Today Tempura Lionfish
Everything on the Grill BBQ Night with Fragrant Rice
Swadeekaw! Its Thai Night! Pad Thai and Green Curry Coconut Soup and Green Papaya Salad
Mermaids Mahi Mahi Steaks with mango, pineapple, cucumber salsa and sautéed veggies
Carib Lentils n Veggie Stew
Tuna Ceviche with Wild Rice and Avocado n Tomato Salad
Tuna Carpaccio with Lemon, honey, mustard & olive oil dressing
Hawaiian Tuna Poke


Plantain and Mango Rum Flambe
Pineapple Carpaccio


Ginger Cookies
Health Cookies