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Yacht & Yoga Retreat into Paradise

“Sunrise opens to the tropical islands, sprinkled through the crystal clear Caribbean waters. You drift into your morning meditation, bringing welcomed, gentle movement to your body, as the sun begins to kiss the sea. As your tummy begins to ask for breakfast, you will be delighted with a beautiful breakfast, coffee, and teas. Slip into the warm sea for your first swim of the day before we gently sail into the next pristine destination. Cruising along, enjoy the salty spray and sunshine. Dolphins may join us, leaping at the bow before we nestle into the bay and drop anchor for another heavenly, starry night. As your eyes adjust to the night sky, relax into awe at our galaxy of moon, stars, and planets. Goodnight sailor yogis.”

This is your Yacht and Yoga Retreat in Paradise
$2,999USD Per Person
  • Suitable for all abilities, no experience necessary, 12+ years of age
  • Deposit: 30% non-refundable $900USD
  • Limited Availability: 8 guests
“You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment. Fools stand on their island of opportunities and look toward another land. There is no other land; there is no other life but this.”
Henry David Thoreau

More than a feel-good retreat, move in ways that gets your body feeling wonderful, still your worries with mindful, gently guided meditations, and dine consciously, slowly, on fruits, vegetables, fresh fish, and exquisite treats. Sunsets are a time of quiet peace, to feel present, to absorb the fresh energy the gentle island breezes blow. Mornings begin with a playful entrance into your day – yes, you will likely allow your inner child out to explore and play through movement, music, and breathing exercises.

You will be guided in a playful dance of movement, stillness, learning, and engagement. Prepare to be amazed at the profound power of presence. Feeling each sacred moment aboard as well as exploring the island shores.


Day 1- Port Louis Marina, St George’s, Grenada

1800 – Good evening and welcome to the adventure of a lifetime. We greet you at Port Louis Marina where your luxurious 48 ft catamaran yacht and super-duper crew await you.

This evening relax poolside and enjoy great food at either the sushi restaurant or casual dining at Victory bar and grill restaurant. Get settled into your cabin and later that evening we will have our boat briefing and safety talk.

Tonight Kelly will introduce her style of teaching for the retreat. The meditations and movements will be provided to support you, honoring your intentions, as well as inviting the intention of feeling fully present. This is an inclusive, all-abilities honored retreat, and the movements will be accessible and will feel good. Meditations will include oceanic themes, connecting us to our home for the week.

Day 2 – Clear out of immigration and customs at 0800. Let’s set sail!

0900 – An early morning departure as we head north along the west coast of Grenada toward the tiny uninhabited Sandy Island. This is our longest day of sailing, as you can expect 5 – 6 hours. We pick up a mooring ball adjacent to the island in the Carriacou Marine Park to enjoy the beautiful beach and excellent snorkeling. Evening on the yacht, relax in a gentle breeze and bliss out in a lingering sunset!

As your captain sails us north, we will connect to our breath. Kelly will guide you through breathing exercises that will relax your nervous system, reduce cortisol in your body, and enhance a deep feeling of well-being. We will spend a little time on our hips, the area which can always use some love! For all gentle movement sessions, Kelly will offer optional safe hands-on adjustments.

Day 3 – Chatham Bay, Union Island, St Vincent & the Grenadines

Silent morning gathering, group meditation (20 min)

Breakfast, then sail off to another island country! Welcome to St Vincent & the Grenadines. A lovely 2-3 hour sail lands us in the secluded, private Chatham Bay, of Union Island. Slip into the water and experience some great snorkeling! I have witnessed some wonderful things here – eagle ray, schools of squid and cormorants diving bombing into schools of fish!

Afternoon yoga, beach walk or swim/snorkel safari. The choice is yours!
Later that evening we dingy to shore for some epic fun with Seki and Vanessa for a decadent and authentic Caribbean beach BBQ. Your captain will manage your immigration into the country.

Day 4 – Tobago Cays Turtle Sanctuary and Marine Park

Rise early for your Sunrise Salutations and raise the anchor for a 3 hour sail to Tobago Cays!

Enter postcard perfect paradise. Tobago Cays is the pristine set of tiny islands with perfect reefs set in turquoise waters. Your dream come true. Anchor inside the horseshoe reef, which nearly encircles the four main cays. This area is the Baradel turtle sanctuary and Tobago Cays marine park. Snorkel with your new fishy friends among the sea turtles and gentle Caribbean rays, or hike the tiny island to discover iguanas. Tonight we will be enjoying sunset and dinner aboard the yacht. Slip into slumber as the boat rocks you to sleep.

Evening talk on Ocean Awareness from Monique

Tobago Cays hosts several tiny islands surrounded by reefs:

  • Catholic Rock Bird Sanctuary: Sea bird nesting and roosting colonies. Observe from the boat
  • Horse Shoe Reef: Excellent Coral Reef site with an abundance of fish and coral (inshore side snorkelers; ocean side SCUBA)
  • Baradal Turtle Sanctuary: Protected area where green and hawksbill turtles, and Caribbean rays can be observed foraging freely
  • Petit Tabac: Isolated beach and the filming location for the desert island scene in “Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl”.
  • Petit Bateau, James Bay, Petit Rameau: boast hiking trails where you could observe our abundance of tropical flora and fauna including iguanas and birds. They also provide excellent panoramic views of the Grenadines.

Day 5 – Tobago Cays Marine Sanctuary to Petit St Vincent

Wake up in paradise – again! Play all day – swim, snorkel, hang out or explore some more of the tiny islands!

Today Kelly will guide you through fun and playful beachside yoga. Move, stretch, breathe, fully embrace the Caribbean spirit!

Monique will guide an evening Snorkel Safari around Baradel Island and Turtle Sanctuary where we will observe inspiring new reef growth and the plethora of marine life flourishing in the aquatic ecosystem.

We end the day with a festive beach BBQ on one of the islands, hosted by a few of our favorite local characters on the beach.

Day 6 – Petit St Vincent

Sunrise stretch and meditation

Departing after your morning swim and breakfast, we sail for 2 – 3 hours to Petit St Vincent and drop anchor in the gin-clear waters. It is an exclusive resort on a Private island is open to yachties for dinner at your choice of two fabulous restaurants – some nights feature a live band so you can dance the night away on the beach.

While visiting Petit St Vincent, we will also discover the teeny, tiny island, Mopion, protected by the surrounding coral reefs, with a single structure on it – a handmade palm leaf umbrella. We will anchor just outside the reefs and take our dinghy onto the island for some fabulous snorkelling in the protected, translucent, turquoise waters.

Day 7 – Grenada

Early morning departure we begin our return to Grenada. The winds and current are with us on our return. Expect a 5 – 6 hour sail. Just outside of St Georges, we will make a quick stop to enjoy some amazing snorkeling at Moliniere Point. This is the site of Grenada’s famous underwater sculpture park! The sculptures have been placed here for your entertainment and as artificial reefs. The coral attaches to the structures, attracting fish of plenty! Underwater camera is a must here! We will anchor just outside of St Georges for one more sunset and sleep!

Day 8 1000 AM

Morning yoga on the yacht. Last swim! We raise the anchor and slip into the marina.

We say our goodbyes in Port St Louis with fabulous memories and ocean sized smiles!

Our Crew
Kelly Hogan
Yoga Instructor and Ocean Citizen

Kelly has been witnessing the miracles of yoga for more than a decade. Rooted in her hometown of St. Louis, Kelly has built an inclusive, thriving, kindness-centered spiritual community. Kelly’s global yoga education includes studying with yoga gurus and body therapists around the world, including India and Hawaii as larger experiences. Kelly has studied at the Ashtanga Institute in Mysore, India. Her formal undergraduate education is from the University of North Carolina, where she earned her degree in Exercise and Sports Science. She later received her Bachelor’s in Nursing, and attributes much of her teaching style to her nursing studies. She is a Lululemon ambassador, producer of Yoga for the Rider DVD, and founder of the ASL Giving Tree. Kelly has a passion for the preservation of the oceans and marine life, her favorite being the sea turtle. She believes our experiences with nature can fundamentally enhance our quality of life, our health, and our connection with ourselves and with those we love.

Favorite marine animal: Turtle followed (inexplicably closely) by the conch

Monique Mills
Founder, Making Waves Sailing, Captain, Explorer
RYA Yachtmaster, PADI Diver 300+ dives
Ambassador, The 5 Gyres Institute

My goal is to inspire a deeper appreciation of our water world by connecting people to the ocean. It’s my hope that by offering others an opportunity to further explore our oceans, they will join me in my quest to both learn about, and safeguard our oceans. We make waves in your life by inviting you to explore and learn new things. We love to inspire others to play, think and act in unison with the world we all share. We sail and live by our values, minimizing the impact we have on the environment we love. We strive to protect the places where we play – that’s why we give special attention to science-based conservation. When we are not delighting our guests, we participate in gathering data for scientists to advance knowledge and participate in conservation activities in the Windward Islands. Ambassador to The 5 Gyres Institution.

Bronwen McKiever
Captain, Sailmaker and MacGyver

Bronwen’s life philosophy is “I’d rather be lost at sea, than bored at home!” Her epic adventures began at 21 years of age when her parents gifted her a trip. She promptly left South Africa with a backpack and hasn’t made it back home yet! Her father says he would never have given her the ticket if he’d known that. (We believe she was destine for this life regardless of the ticket!) With Bronwen onboard you are sure of a few things – laughter, the brightest good morning sunshine smile and infinite zest for life.

Bronwen is an avid racer, cruiser and entrepreneur who turned her passion for sailing into a living as a sailmaker! She spent her days, meeting sailors from all over the world and swapping stories; and then sending them on their way with repaired or replaced sails or perhaps new canvas and colourful cushions.

A long time live aboard and single-hander on her beloved boat ‘Sea Swan’, she would not give up this life for all the tea in China! “HEY! Speaking of China; I still got to get there! By boat of course! Bon Voyage!”

  • Daily yoga practice for all levels
  • Learning the 8 limbs of yoga
  • Sail, swim, snorkel and connect with the ocean
  • Learn how to contribute to a healthier ocean and healthier you
  • Sailing and living on a 48’ catamaran luxury yacht
  • Beautiful meals, locally and sustainably sourced, and three dinners on shore to indulge in the local Caribbean cuisine!
  • Pricing based on double occupancy, shared cabin.
  • Immigration fees, mooring fees, Marine Park fees.
Not Included
  • Airfare
  • Alcohol: we recommend special ordering in advance if you are particular about wines.
  • Medication – please ensure you have all medication and especially sea sickness medication
  • Land excursions and transportation
  • Meals onshore: enjoy the local cuisine: simple beach BBQs to five star resort chefs.
  • Customs and immigration fees
  • Marine park fees and mooring fees
  • Gratuity: discretionary 10-15%
Want More?! We can tailor a trip to you!

Chartering your own private yacht means spontaneous adventure and maximum flexibility. Book us for extra days and open up a “free time” option where you can linger longer in one place, or go further to navigate more islands like St Lucia and Bequia, or perhaps stop and scuba dive.

Our itinerary is flexible to your preferences which we can discuss along the way to cater to preferences. All itineraries are subject to change in consideration of conditions. All our sailing is determined by weather and the Captain will have the final judgement to determine safe passage.

The Fine Print
  • Please let us know if advance of special dietary needs, and we will do our best to accommodate.
  • We discourage drinking alcoholic beverages while under sail for safety reasons and your personal comfort.
  • If you are a connoisseur of fine wines, we can stock the wines in advance with your preferences.
  • Listed prices may vary according to availability. Book early to confirm!
  • Non Refundable deposit will confirm your booking: 30%
  • Balance is due 90 prior departure.
  • Cancellations prior to 90 days 70% refund
  • NB: We ALWAYS advise travel insurance.
  • We reserve the right to charge a fee up to $1000USD if the boat has been excessively soiled or misuse of the head (aka: toilet).
  • Drugs will not be tolerated. Marijuana is NOT legal. No excuses, no exceptions, no refund.